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Woman Gets Pulled Off Plane By Police—But This Time People Aren't On Her Side
8 months ago

We've seen recent news stories about airlines treating passengers poorly. So when a new video came to light that shows a passenger being forcibly removed from a plane, you'd expect public response to favor the passenger. 

Anila Daulatzai boarded a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles. Though Anila claimed she was "deathly allergic" to dogs, she did not inform the airline when booking her flight, nor could she provide any medical documentation. There were two dogs aboard the Southwest flight, one of which was a service dog. Anila asked that the animals and their humans be removed from the plane. 

The airline told Anila she would have to leave the plane and book a dog-free flight.

Anila, who later claimed her father was scheduled for surgery, refused to budge from her seat. Southwest Airlines called the police in to remove her. 

This is what followed Anila's refusal to leave the plane:

*Warning: This video shows a woman being forcibly removed by two male officers.*

The passenger who recorded the video said that airline staff, other passengers, and the officers told Anila multiple times to leave on her own. He agreed the officers were rough, but claimed they ultimately had no choice.

Other passengers and many people on social media were not sympathetic:

But not everyone agreed:

While the majority of people who commented agree that Southwest had no real fault in this incident, the airline did issue an apology to Anila for the way events unfolded. 

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