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Bryant Gumbel Just Thanked President Trump For His NFL Rant, And We Agree
8 months ago

Bryant Gumbel ended his show, HBO's Real Sports, this past Tuesday with a powerful monologue addressed to the "current occupant of the White House." Many sports-related figures have denounced the President's divisive comments surrounding NFL players kneeling in protest during the national anthem.

Gumbel had a surprising message for Trump: thank you.

Gumbel said the President has "energized the social conscience of the modern American athlete":

Those of us who have long focused on the intersection on sports and society have often wondered what it would take for today’s athletes to forsake the path of least resistance and actually stand for something. And now we know.

Gumbel hopes more athletes will use their platforms to challenge authority in the pursuit of justice.

Last week, President Trump stated that any player who knelt during the national anthem was a "son of a bitch" who should be fired. His comments, which he repeated this week, have been widely criticized by sports figures.

That criticism hasn't stopped Trump from tweeting repeatedly about the subject:

Reactions to Trump's comments have been mixed. The NFL announced ratings were up for last weekend's games, but DirecTV said it would give refunds to those who wanted to cancel because of the protests. It seems Trump seeks to divide America, and he's urging people to side with him rather than those who are protesting racial inequality. 

Gumbel ended by saying:

...Bob Dylan famously said: ‘The times they are a changin’, and that's still true today ... as is the sad reality that certain things haven't really changed at all.”