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Everyone Loves La Croix Seltzer, But Most Of Them Are Pronouncing It Wrong

Jimmy Fallon recently sent a writer out to show that either no one knows how to pronounce La Croix, or no one listens to writers from the Jimmy Fallon show. The set up was simple: the writer hit the streets of New York and purposely mispronounced La Croix while talking about the product. Not one person corrected him.    

Some examples of the absurd pronunciations: La Chhhhhhx, Le Quaff, L.A. Croy and La Croy-voy-voy. In case you're wondering, according to the company it's pronounced la CROY.

Either they assumed the pronunciation was correct, they weren't paying attention, or they didn't care. 

The company responded to the skit on Twitter:

People responded with their own mispronunciations:

Mostly, people don't care how you pronounce it as long as you serve it cold.

H/T: Huffington Post, Twitter