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Lesbian Couple Finds Out Their Photo Was Stolen By A Twitter Account, And Fired Back Hard
7 months ago

Alexa and Noemi live in Austin, Texas. The women had been in a relationship for over a year when they decided to order personalized debit cards with their photos on them. Alexa said they got the cards, "so we always think about each other's needs when it comes to spending our money." Aww, so sweet! And a pretty solid strategy for any couple entering into a financially responsible relationship where the needs of a partner should be considered.

Back in May, Noemi posted a picture of the cards, and her tweet got a lot of attention:

  People responded with overwhelming support:

Four months later a Twitter account with over 5 million followers tweeted the same photo as their own:

But they made one slight change. In case you missed it, here's another look:

They changed "gf" to "bf" and gave no credit to Noemi for the photo! Twitter users went off:

Unable to get in touch with whoever runs the @Relationships account Alexa shot back this reply:

@Relationships has not responded, though they continue to post daily and the altered tweet has not been taken down.

If given the chance to talk to the person behind @Relationship, Alexa told BuzzFeed what she'd say:


I would ask why they had to change the gender and why people can't just accept the gay community these days as is. They knew we were a gay couple and changed it to be heteronormative. Very frustrating. I just hope that one day society standards won't be set on the fact that a boy and girl relationship is the only one. Love is love, and it should be shared between any gender.