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Senator Lindsey Graham Holds Back Tears Trying To Defend John McCain From Trump Insults

Senator Lindsey Graham Holds Back Tears Trying To Defend John McCain From Trump Insults
Updated 8 months ago

During a televised debate on CNN regarding the ill-fated Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, Jake Tapper asked South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham about President Trump's attacks on Senator John McCain, one of three Senators who announced their opposition to the bill.

Graham responded emotionally, tearing up as he spoke of his longtime friend:

Graham said of McCain:

He can do whatever d*** he wants to. He’s earned that right.

Graham was debating Senator Bernie Sanders, and made it clear he did not believe McCain supported Sander's plan for single-payer healthcare. McCain's opposition to the bill, so he has said, stems from the rushed, backroom processes the GOP has used to try and pass it. Though Republicans have announced no vote will be held, the original plan was to vote on the Graham-Cassidy bill prior to analysis from the Congressional Budget Office, which tells Congress how the bill would affect premiums and enrollment rates.

Despite McCain's vote against his bill, Graham defended his fellow Senator:

John if you’re listening ... nobody respects you more than I do. So to any American who’s got a problem with John McCain’s vote, all I can tell you is that John McCain was willing to die for this country, and he can vote any way he wants to, and it doesn’t matter to me in terms of friendship.

John McCain is currently battling an aggressive form of brain cancer. McCain has had a poor relationship with Trump since the president’s candidacy, when he said McCain was “not a war hero," and that he preferred "soldiers who weren't captured."