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Photo via Beyoncé/Instagram
Beyonce Shares Photo Of Herself Surrounded By A Group Of Clones, And Her Fans Are Loving It

What's better than one Beyoncé?

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

How about six?

Or sixteen?

Beyonce's three new photos, featuring her and her clones, have all but broken Instagram.  Less than 10 hours after they were published, the photos received 791,043 likes, 921,875 likes and 1,364,613 likes respectively.

Hey, we're here for it.  Give us your Beyoncé, your poor, your huddled Beyoncé masses yearning to breathe free.

All hail the queen.  And the queen.  And the queen.  And the queen.  And the queen....there's so many of them in a row that we should just stay bowed for the next couple years.

H/T: Time, Twitter