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Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Anderson Cooper Just Destroyed Sean Spicer On Live TV—And We Can’t Stop Cheering
7 months ago

Anderson Cooper put Sean Spicer on blast for lying to the American public — and then lying about his lies. Earlier that day, Spicer had answered a pointed question about whether he'd lied to Americans.

"I’ve not knowingly done anything to do that, no."

Cooper played the clip, and commented:

That answer is so Washington, D.C., it should have its own reflecting pool. Just a nice, calm place where you can sit down with your word salad and think about what you’ve done.

Cooper shared his video on Twitter:

People loved how Cooper called out Spicer:

Twitter users vented their own pent up frustration:

Some people tried to defend Spicer and the administration with the "fake news" angle:

Cooper left us with this funny truth bomb:

“Sean Spicer doesn’t have to lie for a living anymore. Now he just seems to be doing it recreationally.”