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Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
Chrissy Teigen Makes Bizarre Offer On Twitter, But People Were Happy To Oblige

Model Chrissy Teigen wanted to bake a loaf of banana bread, but she was missing one key ingredient missing: Ripe bananas. So instead of allowing time for new bananas to ripen, she shopped on Twitter.

This was no joke. Teigen was having a serious banana bread craving, and she needed to bake one asap. 

She decided to make a contest in the process. 


The generous banana donors obliged in her random request and tons of submissions started flooding the thread.

Some photos looked like dating app profiles of people into...bananas.

This user is really into her bananas.

Bordering on the creepy.

Look familiar?


Nice try!

Yeah, no thanks. I don't want "IT."

Thanks for playing!

Eventually, the submissions had to stop. It was game over.

Something to think about in the future: Keep those ripe bananas stocked. They're a hot commodity!

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