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Joe Robbins/Grant Lammos IV/Getty Images
Chris Christie Hit On Mika Brzezinski On Live TV, And Things Got Even More Awkward From There
7 months ago

Morning Joe is celebrating its tenth year on MSNBC and invited New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who will be leaving the office on January 16, to visit the show and discuss his often tumultuous tenure as head of the state. As if reminiscing about past scandals wasn't awkward enough, Christie decided he would ease the tension in the room by hitting on Morning Joe cohost Mika Brzezinski.

If there's one thing that puts everyone at ease, it's unwanted advances from Chris Christie.

Of course, if you're looking back on Chris Christie's time as governor, you have to bring up the Bridgegate Scandal. 

Christie had some harsh words for MSNBC and how they treated him during the investigation:

I can’t thank your network enough for that. Your network made a cottage industry for about three months on that. Rachel Maddow, an hour special on this secretary to Governor Christie.

Mika said discussing such things was a "little awkward," but she "loves awkward." Christie responded:

It’s not awkward. And you know why it’s not awkward, it’s not awkward because I knew then and I know now that I didn’t do anything wrong, and all that came out in the long run, all the people yelling and screaming at the time, I knew they were wrong, so you just have to wait history out.

As if thing's weren't already strange enough, Brzezinski moved on, saying:

So let me change the subject and make it even more awkward.

To which Christie replied:

Excellent, good. Are we gonna talk about our odd attraction, is that what you wanna talk about? That will make it very awkward.

Visibly on edge, Brzezinski noted that "Donny" is usually the only person to act like this on air.

Christie did admit it was a bit odd to say such things in front of Joe Scarborough, Brzezinski's fiance.

Catch the entire encounter below. It's like an especially cringe-worthy episode of the office.