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Fire Fighter Says He’d Rather Save A Dog Than A Black Person—Consequences Immediately Followed
8 months ago

Tyler Roysdon, 20, a volunteer firefighter in Franklin Township, Ohio, is on unpaid suspension pending a disciplinary hearing scheduled for September 27. Township Administrator Traci Stivers condemned Royston's comments, saying they were “not acceptable behavior for a township employee." Stivers emphasized that Fire Chief Steve Bishop told Roysdon to remove the post “immediately” after he discovered it. According to Stivers, the board of trustees must approve the firing of township employees.

Roysdon posted on Facebook that he would rather save one dog from a fire than a million black men. 

The now-deleted post drew national attention:

Trustee President Brian Morris said:

I want people to realize this is only one man’s comment. We have a great group of men and disgusting comments from one individual does not represent the entire fire department.

Tyler's wife, Joei Frame Roysdon, told WXIX-TV, “He admitted that he said things that were wrong and apologized. ... Everyone deserves a second chance and is also entitled to their own opinion.”

Ryan Grubbs, a fellow volunteer firefighter, said, "We don't pick and choose who needs us, we just go. We're volunteers, we're doing this because we love the community." Grubbs said that Roysdon's words go against the department's core values.