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That Creepy 'Dear David' Ghost Story On Twitter Just Got Even Spookier Updates

Dear David has not gone away.

For those who don't know, "Dear David" has become an internet sensation from the great beyond. When New Yorker Adam Ellis began having strange dreams and noticing odd occurrences in his apartment, he took to Twitter to chronicle the series of spooky events. It seems Ellis keeps encountering the ghost of a dead boy named Dear David.

Twitter users have been following Ellis' nightmare since early August, and he was kind enough to put together a slide show to help everyone keep up. Be warned: reading these tweets may disturb your ability to sleep, be at home alone, take a shower, look in a mirror, or lift your head from the covers. 

If you need to catch up with the story, check out the slideshow:

Just when you thought it was over, Ellis has another installment of HERE LET ME KEEP YOU UP ALL NIGHT:

Why? Why are you napping, Adam?!

Feeling an understandable need to get out of his apartment, Ellis goes for a walk and buys himself a snack. 

Twice, he passes an abandoned warehouse. And what does he do? He STOPS.

Why not just run for your life NOW, Adam?!

Twitter is dying for the next installment of Dear David:

But at least one person had a sensible idea:

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