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Instagram Model Says She's Done Posting Bikini Selfies, Loses Thousands Of Followers

Growing tired of the lie that "thin equals happy," aspiring model Sophie Gray decided to quit posting bikini shots on her Instagram in favor of a more positive and realistic message.

Gray had started to feel uncomfortable with the message her photos were sending to women.

Today I had breakfast, went to the farmers market, had chocolate covered almonds, lunch, and this doughnut. I also plan to work out, go to the dog park and have dinner. To some this may sound like a super average day. And it is - but to me, this is the type of day "the fitness @wayofgray" was having me miss out on. For her, there was always a photo shoot coming up. What if those chocolate covered almonds ruined the photos? What if the workout wasn't tough enough? BREAD?! I know this may sound silly. I may be called vain, or foolish or some other word to belittle my experience. Not understanding this experience doesn't mean it wasn't real for me. You may also think I'm encouraging others to be unhealthy, and that's not it either. I understand that @wayofgray's old images may have been inspiring. And, to that I say there are tons of those accounts you can follow for those images. But, I know those images were damaging for many. While I believe we all must take accountability for our experiences, it doesn't make contributing to others insecurities any easier. But, most importantly, those images made Sophie Gray feel inadequate. Everything I did revolved around those photos. I was constantly worrying about my body image because my "worth" through this channel depended on it. Again, this can make me seem vain. But, I was the one behind the account for 3 years. I saw what images performed better. I saw what people wanted to see - fitter, thinner, more defined, & perfect. This is why @wayofgray is what it is now. This is why I'm here talking about accepting the shit out of yourself. This is why I want you to fucking love yourself. Because, if you always think you have to be something to be enough, you never will be. But, if you can wrap your head around the truth that you are enough exactly as you are, freedom awaits you. Freedom from others judgement. Freedom from your food fears. Freedom from your insecurities. And freedom from needing to be someone or something other than yourself. You, exactly as you are now, are enough. PS.. quiz through my link in my bio to see how you feel about yourself! Plus free gifts! 😘❤️

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Gray told People she worried that her bikini shots were affecting her followers in a harmful way:

I always talked about loving yourself but the messages were attached with fitness photos — so they had the underlying theme of “but look like this.” Of course, it wasn’t my intention to put that on people — but looking back, that’s what came through.

Gray recently re-posted an old Instagram photo, but scribbled out her body in black marker. She wants to distance herself from the "fitspo" (short for "fitsporation") industry and the body shaming it fosters.

The caption of the new photo includes a reality check for women:

Having a six pack and thigh gap doesn't make you happy. Pizza and cookies are fucking delicious. And I'm sick of women being told they have to be anything other than themselves to be happy.

In the process of losing the bikini shots, Gray also lost 70,000 followers, but she isn't losing sleep over it. 

Gray is interested in a broader message now:

I think it’s pretty clear that people are becoming more and more aware of the garbage. People want real, not photoshopped. That being said, there’s still a long way to go and I hope I can help people realize how amazing they are.

Gray's true followers are embracing her new direction:

Cheers to a happier and healthier future for Gray and her followers.

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