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Scott Elsen/ Getty Images
Thousands Of Trolls Tried To Give Hillary’s Book 1-Star Reviews On Amazon—It Didn’t Go So Well

When Hillary Clinton's new political memoir, What Happened, came out, internet trolls tried to give it the worst one-star rating on Amazon, but Amazon wasn't having it. 

The site took down more than 900 one-star reviews, according to Quartz:

For the most part, Twitter had Clinton's back:

Others thought Amazon was censoring readers' reviews — and supporting Clinton's book:

But it turns out that's not how it works. Amazon's system can detect an unusually large amount of reviewing activity in a short period of time. When that happens, Amazon  removes  non-verified purchase reviews. 

An Amazon spokesperson told Mashable:

We never suppress reviews based on star rating or sentiment. Reviews are meant to help customers by providing real feedback on a product from other customers who have tried it. There are many other forums available across the Internet to discuss topics of interest outside of the products on Amazon. 

It's been ten months since the election, but Clinton haters gotta hate.

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