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Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images
Furious Right-Wingers Are Now Setting Their Trump Merchandise On Fire Online

Trump supporters are mad. Burning mad!

Donald Trump finally managed to anger some of his diehard supporters. Was it mocking a disabled person? Nope. Was it bragging about grabbing women by the p***y? Nope. Was it spending $65,978,342.00 on golf trips? NOPE. 

The final straw was Trump's meeting with Democrats to discuss immigration:

Feeling betrayed, Trump loyalists took matches into their own hands:

Of course, Twitter users were suuuper amused:

The toxic fumes from all those burning MAGA hats must have made their way to the White House.

It didn't take long for Trump to reassure his supporters he wasn't giving up all his racist policies:

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