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Roald Dahl’s Wife Reveals Charlie From ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’ Was Originally Black

Roald Dahl, author of the beloved children's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, had different plans for the book. In a recent interview with BBC Radio, Dahl's widow says the titular character of Charlie was originally a young black boy. 

Dahl changed Charlie to a white boy only after his agent persuaded him to, saying, "People would ask why."

People are imagining what might have been if Dahl had published the original version:

Of course, not all of his agent's changes were bad:

Things haven't changed much:

The book, as it was originally conceived, could have made a huge difference:

The story would have resonated in a major way:

People are reaching out to Dahl's illustrator to get a glimpse of the first version of the character:

Here's a clip from Dahl's widow's interview:

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