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Sean Spicer Just Commented On Melissa McCarthy’s Portrayal Of Him, And Her Emmy Win

Earlier this year, Sean Spicer suggested Melissa McCarthy should "dial it back" a bit with her impressions of him on SNL

Now that McCarthy just won an Emmy for her portrayal of him, Spicer wants to share the credit.

The Blast caught up with Sean Spicer leaving a D.C. Amtrak station and asked if he thought the comedian owed him a part of "that reward."

The former press secretary responded, "I think we should share."


Spicer also considered having "a conversation" if SNL asked him to be a guest host, appearing to shed residual resentments and shuffling down the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," route. He told The Blast McCarthy's skit was funny and even alluded to Trump having "a great sense of humor." 

Trump sometimes called people into his office to laugh about the SNL skits. "There were a couple times,” Spicer said. “We had a good time."


Spicer humored the reporter with an interview, but Twitter slammed him for suggesting McCarthy should share her Emmy:

Most thought McCarthy deserved all the credit:

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