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Hillary Clinton Compared Herself To Cersei Lannister, And Twitter Has Opinions
8 months ago

Hillary Clinton has just published a new book called What Happened. It tells the story of...well, of what happened during the 2016 presidential campaign from her perspective, and since its release, people have been sharing the juiciest bits all over social media. She doesn't hold back from taking swipes at Bernie Sanders, sexists in the media, and, of course, now President Donald Trump. Another detail that caught reader's eyes, however, is her self comparison to a character from the HBO super-show Game of Thrones: Cersei Lannister. 

In her book, Clinton compares herself to Cersei in the way she was persecuted by throngs of outraged citizens who had been whipped into a mob mentality, but none of whom had a full grasp on the situation. Perhaps doing more to prove Clinton's point than they realized, some conservative Twitter users agreed Clinton and Lannister were similar - in the way Cersei Lannister murdered hundreds and became a ruthless despot who would do anything to achieve her goals.

Honestly, some points bordered on the incoherent: 

Fortunately, other Twitter users stepped in:

One thing Clinton IS guilty of: busting out the trendy references. 

What would it be like if Clinton WAS in Game of Thrones?

All things considered, there were probably better references to make her point.

Our government is a Song of Ice and Fire: