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Jesse Grant/Getty Images For Chili's
Chili’s Just Announced They’re Ditching Almost Half Of Their Menu Items
8 months ago

Chili's customer traffic has dropped in each of the last two years, in part because of competitors like Applebee’s and TGI Fridays. The chain recently announced they are ditching almost half their current menu items.

Chili's plans to revamp their menu to cater to what Americans really want to eat. 

Chili's has decided to get rid of the fluff and invest millions in making their core menu items like burgers, baby back ribs, and fajitas perfect for customers. Chili’s chief marketing officer told Bloomberg News:

Quinoa, kale — all those trends come and go, but what Americans want to eat doesn’t change that much. It’s the expectations that have changed.

The 125-item menu will be scaled down to 75 items as Chili's gets back to it's roots.

Brinker’s CEO, Wyman Roberts, explains that the chain is turning a new leaf by focusing on three things:

Their dining experience needs to be faster. The food needs to be hotter. And they still want high quality product at a great value.

Chili's tweeted a teaser of their big menu reveal and people are putting in their requests:

Despite the requests, Chili's made it clear that they are sticking to their new vision:

Look forward to a new and improved Chili's menu on September 18.