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Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
DNA Test Shows That A Major Viking Warrior Was Actually A Woman
7 months ago

In the late 1800s, Swedish archaeologist Hjalmar Stolpe discovered the remains of a Viking military leader. Stolpe found the body buried in military fashion with a sword, an axe, a spear, armor-piercing arrows, a battle knife, shields, and two horses. For this reason, Stolpe assumed the warrior was a man. Two hundred years later, Anna Kjellström, an osteologist at Stockholm University, conducted a study of her own. 

After examining the remains, Kjellström knew Stolpe had made a mistake. The bones were those of a woman.

The American Journal of Physical Anthropology performed a DNA test that confirmed Kjellström was right. The warrior was a woman.

Even with DNA evidence, some Twitter users still doubted a woman could be a warrior:

To that, women warriors around the world might have this response:

The neanderthals were int the minority, and more evolved voices soon chimed in: