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Video Of CNN Reporter Trying To Report Live From Hurricane Irma Emerges Online
8 months ago

Think you're having a bad day? Probably not as bad Patrick Oppmann, the reporter from CNN charged with reporting on Hurricane Irma live from Cuba as the storm hit. CNN, perhaps  in an effort to warn Floridians of the incoming storm's power, tweeted  out a clip of Oppmann's various struggles to broadcast as Irma roared by  the island.

At one point, the wind was so intense, Oppmann couldn't even put his jacket on:

Then, for a little while, things quieted down:

But then OH NO the roof's been ripped off the house and the entire area is underwater:

The clip ends with Oppmann taking cover as the intense winds blow debris through the air towards him. It's pretty crazy:

Check out the whole clip here:

Twitter users are pretty concerned for Oppmann's wellbeing:

It looks like things were pretty bad for Oppmann, but when times are tough it's important to remember: things can always get worse.