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Photo by karinairby/Instagram
Fitness Model Shares Revealing Photo, Lists All The Photoshopping In It
8 months ago

Social media star Karina Irby is a fitness vlogger and CEO of Moana Bikini, a popular swimwear company in Australia. But she's determined to keep it real.

Irby schooled Instagram with a list of edits that the typical Insta-famous person makes to a single photo:

Irby said she transformed the photo with these common touch-ups:

Full body skin smooth
Enlarged my booty
Sucked in my tummy
Sucked in my back
Thinned out my arms
Thinned out my quads
Made my neck a tad skinnier
Got rid of my scars and cellulite
Made my breast rounder
Lifted my booty

Take another look. Do you see it? Did you notice how the horizon is warped?

Irby's message of "let's get real" is giving the internet all the feels:

We've all gotten self-conscious looking at perfect Insta photos, right?

It's comforting to know that we're in the same boat:

Who isn't guilty of a little Facetuning? But a reality check is nice.