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The Seattle Seahawks mascot, Blitz/Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images for American Express
The Seattle Seahawks Announce Weird New Logo, And Twitter Is Having A Field Day

On Tuesday, September 5th, the Seattle Seahawks introduced their new logo:

But why did they quote Casablanca?

And...well, I mean.  Wow.  It's pretty weird.

And Twitter is obviously confused.

Hold still and lemme shoot you!

Matt to the Seahawks: "You are all weirdos."

It's time for Burt Reynolds' mustache!

That was Burt Reynolds' mustache!

I'm Squidward, I'm Squidward, Squidward Squidward Squidward....

How the internet even knew how and where to find all these EXACT matches, we are unsure.  But thankful.

But wait! Our favorite:

Cause Pugs are the best.

H/T: SBNation, Twitter