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Strange Netflix Billboards Are Popping Up Across America, And People Are Confused

Cryptic Netflix billboards have sprung up in New York and Los Angeles that simply say: "Netflix is a joke." 

Spectators wondered if they missed the punchline, or if someone publicly shaded the entertainment media company.

The generic white and black signs were photographed by pedestrians and commuters trying to figure out what Variety has learned was a marketing campaign.



This New Yorker asked the Internet for help. What in Hell's Kitchen does this sign mean??

Some had their theories.

The arcane declaration was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter to be Netflix's own doing as part of a campaign promoting their new comedy lineup. Individual video spots featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock will be a part of the network's expanding roster of comedic offerings. 

THR learned that Kevin Spacey will interact in character with the comedians.

The announcement isn't a surprising one, due to the streaming service's recent spate of comedy specials featuring Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, and Louis C.K.



Netflix is aggressively venturing into comedic territory. 

They recently launched an Instagram account dedicated to their comedy division that is currently promoting Jerry Seinfeld's upcoming special, "Jerry Before Seinfeld," premiering on September 19th. 

Yes, "Netflix is a joke." But they're having the last laugh.

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