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Betsy DeVos Is Coming For College Campus Sexual Assault Rules Next
8 months ago

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is ending Obama-era Title IX rules for investigating sexual assault on college campuses, saying the rights of all parties, victim and accused, must be taken into account when investigating sexual assault. 

Protesters (many who were rape survivors) gathered outside the auditorium at George Mason University to fight back on what they see as an attempt to add more protections for people who are accused of sexual assault. 

DeVos charges that the definition of sexual assault is too broad and added many claims of sexual harrassment involve student and faculty “simply for speaking their minds or teaching their classes." She also added, "If everything is harassment, then nothing is." 

Twitter was at a loss for words and could only respond in Gifs.

Some folks did find a few words to voice their frustration. 

When words failed to bring answers they went back to gifs.

This user summed up what everyone was feeling. 

H/T: AP, Twitter