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Anna Faris Just Explained Why She Used To Avoid Making Friends With Women
8 months ago

Anna Faris is used to giving hard advice on her podcast, "Anna Faris is Unqualified." 

In her new memoir, also titled Unqualified, Faris discusses how being a guys' girl is overrated.

Cosmopolitan published an essay adapted from the book.

In the excerpt, the Mom star writes about being bullied by girls in high school:

I did have some precedent for shying away from packs of ladies. Growing up, I fell victim to plenty of mean girls who would sneak up on me and snap my bra strap. It may sound like a small thing, but when you’re a quiet teenager trying to get through high school unnoticed, that kind of unwanted attention is rough. One day, I went to my locker, and the words "fuck you, bitch" were written across it. It was humiliating and confusing. I didn’t think I was worthy of that kind of hatred.
That’s why it took me longer than it should have to realize just how important female relationships are. It takes vulnerability of spirit to open yourself up to other women in a way that isn’t competitive, and that’s especially hard in Hollywood, where competition is built into almost every interaction.

Faris talks about how much she enjoys close female friendships now:

Today, I’m lucky to have a handful of women I count as confidantes. Among them, Allison Janney, my costar on Mom, Meghan, a friend from my hometown of Edmonds, Washington, and Kate, a dear childhood friend who I probably have nothing in common with anymore — at least from an outsider’s perspective — but who totally gets me because ... history.

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The actress, producer, model, and comedian also talks about how her notions of friendship have changed:

I was once told that I didn’t need a tight group of girlfriends because Chris should be my best be honest, I think the notion of best friends in general is messed up though. It puts so much pressure on any one person, when I truly believe it’s okay to have intimacy with different people in different ways. And ranking your friends? It just shouldn’t happen, at least not beyond grade school.