Sean Spicer Just Landed His First Official Gig Since Leaving The White House

Sean Spicer Just Landed His First Official Gig Since Leaving The White House
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Updated 10 months ago

Trump's former Press Secretary Sean Spicer picked up his first official job since resigning his government post in August. Spicer announced he signed a contract with Worldwide Speakers Group, and will be touring the national speaking circuit.

Worldwide Speakers Group said in a pitch to potential customers:

Audiences around the world will benefit from the same candor, wit and insight that Spicer brought to the White House briefing room. 

During his time at the White House, Spicer often had to defend Trump's demonstrably false statements. Things started out rough when, at his first press briefing, Spicer insisted the crowd at Trump’s inauguration was bigger than President Obama’s crowd eight years earlier, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. Spicer then refused to take questions from reporters.

Spicer made public speaking look even harder than it had to.

Spicer's first paid speaking gig will be in New York City on Sept. 11, at the annual conference of the investment bank Rodman & Renshaw. 

Worldwide Speakers Group said in a statement: 

We are thrilled to provide Sean for our major trade association, corporate, university and public lecture series customers around the world. With his well-known candor and extensive experience, Sean is uniquely qualified to help audiences understand how the political environment will impact them now and in the future.

The speaking circuit is one of several paths people close to Spicer say he will pursue. He's also looking for TV gigs (presumably as a political talking head), but CNN said in July that it would not hire Spicer because of his credibility issues. Many have speculated Spicer would like to publish a tell-all book about the opening months of the Trump presidency.

Keith Urbahn, president of literary agency Javelin, thinks this might be tricky: 

This is simultaneously the most opaque and the most transparent administration in history. There are not a lot of secrets. They are leaked every day in the newspapers. So you really have to think through what the book is, because publishing into a news cycle like this is a challenge.

Perhaps giving Spicer a new podium when he was so reluctant to speak the truth at his last one is unwise.

But at least one detail from the Spicer book rumors is interesting: