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Nurse Arrested For Doing Her Job Finally Speaks Out

Nurse Arrested For Doing Her Job Finally Speaks Out
Updated 9 months ago

Alex Wubbels thought she was doing her job. When Salt Lake City police Detective Jeff Payne asked Wubbels to draw blood from an unconscious patient, she informed him that hospital policy prevented her from doing so. 

Wubbels' abrupt and violent arrest sparked a massive community and media outcry:

Recently released body cam footage shows exactly what happened: 

The Utah nurse finally spoke out in an interview with CNN:

Wubbels also spoke with TODAY:

In her interview with TODAY Wubbels said:

We need to make this better. This can't be happening, it should've never happened, and if I have anything to say about it, it won't ever happen again.

Margaret Pearce, chief nursing officer for the University of Utah hospital system has already implemented changes in hospital protocol. Officers will now have to deal with “house supervisors” instead of nurses when they have a request. 

The Salt Lake City Police Department and Mayor Jackie Biskupski both released statements:

According to the SLC Police department, Detective Payne and a second unidentified officer are on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation.