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Salt Lake City Police Department/Courtesy of Karra Porter via AP
That Officer Who Arrested A Nurse For Doing Her Job Is Under Criminal Investigation
8 months ago

Detective Jeff Payne, seen aggressively handcuffing a nurse in a viral video, has been put on paid leave after prosecutors opened a criminal investigation.   Police Chief Mike Brown said in a statement Friday that the department will comply with the investigation.  

The nurse, Alex Wubbels refused to allow blood to be drawn from an unconscious victim. She was following hospital policy that states, you must have an electronic warrant, patient consent or the patient must be under arrest. None of the criteria were met.  


Wubbels and her lawyers released the dramatic video Thursday and it immediately went viral.  Payne's actions received harsh criticism and outrage on social media.

Salt Lake City Mayor, Jackie Biskupski, and Brown offered apologies. Policies have been changed to match hospital protocols.