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Ginger Spice Pretends To Star In ‘Game Of Thrones’ In Video With Jon Snow
8 months ago

Jon Snow knows nothing, we've established this repeatedly thanks to his fire-haired first love, Ygritte. The line has moved from being famous straight on into infamy and our collective lexicon. It's on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and almost everyone is saying it. We can add Ginger Spice to the list now. 

She knows girl power, Jon Snow.

Kit Harrington and Geri Halliwell got together for some "acting lessons" a few days ago. The meeting ended up with Harrington critiquing Halliwell's accent while she tried to deliver the famous line. 

Also, he made this face. 

Halliwell posted the accent lesson on her Twitter and fans of the singer and show were loving it. 

Watch the adorable exchange: 

Harrison tried to help with pronunciation. 


So did Anna. It really is more of an "uuu" sound, isn't it? 


Other fans had slightly less helpful responses since they were too busy losing it. 


Laura's pitching the crossover episode we never knew we needed. 


Pete is helping to write the script. 


And while all of that was happening, Ryan was just basking in the glory of the moment. 


We don't know if the duo will be releasing any more  videos together, but the fans are clearly into it.  

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