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'American Horror Story' Ads Are Giving People Actual Panic Attacks

'American Horror Story' Ads Are Giving People Actual Panic Attacks
Updated 9 months ago

American Horror Story: Cult premieres on FX on September 5. 

The show released an ad for the new season and some people, especially those with trypophobia, are anxious:  

Never heard of trypophobia? It is an intense fear of "patterns or groups of small holes, circles, or bumps," and it can be debilitating. 

This picture is a perfect example of a triggering image:

New ads for Cult use the small-hole motif quite frequently:

AHS is riffing on the cult "hive-mind" the new season explores, and uses beehives in every promo:

This pattern is sending trypophobia sufferers into a tail spin:

One Twitter user shared a word of warning:

AHS also uses images of scary clowns in their promos, so if you suffer from coulrophobia (the fear of clowns), you're out of luck:

Some felt personally attacked by the advertisements:

Others thought the creators really didn't care:

While others thought the Cult ads took it too far:

Looks like fans will have to deal with it. The episode list shows that AHS: Cult has an entire episode called "Holes"!