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Buffalo Bayou and Downtown Houston post-Harvey flooding/Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images
Experts Just Estimated The Massive Costs Of Hurricane Harvey, And It’s Still Growing

"The damage and disruption faced by Southeast Texas is clearly worse than most believed earlier this week," the definitive cost report by Moody’s Analytics, concerning the hurricane which devastated Houston and surrounding cities for the past two weeks, said. "Although the full extent of the damage in Houston remains uncertain, it is clear that flooding damage is widespread, leaving a sizable trail of destroyed homes, buildings and cars in its wake."


The report now puts the total damages at between $80 billion and $108 billion, following the second landfall in Jefferson County.

If Harvey totals $108 billion in property damage, it will exactly match Hurricane Katrina: to date the deadliest and most expensive natural disaster in the United States in recorded history.

Please, if you are interested in donating to Hurricane Harvey release efforts, do some research and choose the best option for you.  There are thousands of displaced people who will need your help.

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