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Jemal Countess/Getty Images
Mark Hamill’s New Luke Skywalker Outfit Appears On Foreign Magazine Cover, Stirs Intrigue
8 months ago

Star Wars Episode VIII is coming out December 15, and is already poised to become one of the largest—if not THE largest—movie of the year. The film will follow up with new characters we've come to know and love (Rey, Fin, Poe, and company). Sweet!

AND... it will feature the return of one of cinema's most iconic and beloved characters: Luke Skywalker himself. 

Details about the new film have been surprisingly scarce, but a foreign magazine somehow nabbed a Mark Hamill cover story accompanied by a cover photo of Hamill in his new Episode VIII costume. 

Honestly, it looks pretty dark: 

Most people are unconditionally excited:

Others worry Skywalker's choice of dark clothes might foreshadow something awful:

The very idea of Skywalker flipping to the dark side has fans flipping out:

Surely they wouldn't kill off ANOTHER beloved character?

Has anyone considered the possibility that Luke Skywalker just needed to change up his look? My predictions for Star Wars Episode VIII: Luke has a healthy student/teacher relationship with Rey, but has also found peace in his past despite the unavoidable mistakes he made, and now wears black just because he thinks it looks good. 

At the end of the movie, the good guys and bad guys all decide fighting isn't worth it! Roll credits!