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An Ancient Long-Lost City Was Just Discovered

An Ancient Long-Lost City Was Just Discovered
Updated 9 months ago

Off the coast of northeastern Tunisia ruins were discovered, confirming a theory that part of the city of Neapolis was submerged in a tsunami in 365 AD. Among the ruins, divers found 100 tanks used to produce garum, a type of fermented fish sauce.

"This discovery has allowed us to establish with certainty that Neapolis was a major centre for the manufacture of garum and salt fish, probably the largest centre in the Roman world," said Mounir Fantar, the head of a Tunisian-Italian archaeological mission which made the find off the coast of Nabeul .

"Probably the notables of Neapolis owed their fortune to garum." 

With good weather conditions, the mission was able to allow divers to explore the 20 hectares site. They had been looking for evidence of Neapolis since 2010. 

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