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Scott Olson/Getty Images
Man Makes Sexist Comment About Photo From Hurricane Harvey—It Backfired Immediately
8 months ago

It's amazing how some people can take an image from a horrifying human crisis and turn it into something divisive. 

That's exactly what conservative columnist Matt Walsh did earlier this week when he tweeted an image of a true act of heroism and kindness with the bizarre caption:

Woman cradles and protects child. Man carries and protects both. This is how it ought to be, despite what your gender studies professor says

The backlash against Walsh was swift.

There are some obvious holes in Walsh's view of the world:

Twitter took Walsh's words and paired them with different images to show how absurd his initial tweet was.

Clearly THIS image represents what every family should be:

If your family isn't like this, you're doing it WRONG:

By Walsh's logic, Velma was Scooby's Dad:

This rule applies to all species:

The worlds of television and film can not escape Walsh's worldview...

Of course, every meme is fun and games until someone gets taken by a bear:

But I think we can all agree that the turducken explains it all: