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Sexist Twitter Users Slam Melania Trump For What She Wore To Texas—But She Got The Last Laugh
8 months ago

Some people just can't wait to criticize a woman for what she's wearing. When President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump departed Camp David to visit areas of Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey, many people took note of Melania's outfit, which seemed inspired by the hit movie Top Gun. She wore black slacks, green bomber jacket, and stiletto heels, which people were quick to mock on Twitter.

However, by the time she got off the plane, Melania had changed into more appropriate attire - perhaps responding to the almost instant backlash on Twitter or, just as likely, because that was her plan all along.

Melania now wore a baggy white button-down that matched her husband's, a FLOTUS baseball cap, to match her husband's white USA hat, and white sneakers. While less durable than, say, a rain-coat, this new ensemble was definitely more rugged than the glamorous outfits we normally see the FLOTUS wearing. 

Twitter quickly began to turn against those who were so quick to lash out at Melania's choice of outfit:

Melania's own office responded with a level of perspective otherwise unmatched in the White House:

No woman should be judged for the outfit she chooses to wear:

With Presidential norms being broken on a near-daily basis, it becomes easy to take aim at anything that's slightly different, but some things (like a woman's choice of clothing) shouldn't be a focus of judgement - especially when there are so many more important things happening in the world.