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People Are Furious That MTV Cut To Commercial During a Chester Bennington Video Tribute
8 months ago

On Sunday night Jared Leto gave a beautiful speech, paying tribute to the life of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. The speech was heartfelt and people admired his thoughts, but weren't happy that MTV cut him off at the end.

Watch Leto's tribute below:

In the speech, Leto talks about his personal experiences with Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell. 

People thought the speech was an amazing tribute and thanked him for his beautiful words:

Many people were frustrated that MTV cut the tribute short: 

Fans couldn't believe MTV would cut off a tribute to an artist who was constantly playing... on MTV: 

Some people thought MTV had some explaining to do:

MTV messed up, but Leto's speech was an impactful send-off for Bennington and Cornell, two amazing musicians: