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Woman Uses Her Husband To Conduct Experiment About Sexual Harassment—And It Worked

If you're a man, it's easy to forget that sexual harassment and disrespect are daily norms for women on the Internet. The barrage of misdirected fury and disgusting sexual advances women have to deal with almost seems impossible until you see it for yourself. One woman gave her husband the opportunity to do just that.

Sexual violence researcher and writer Jessica Eaton conducted an experiment with the help of her partner:

As a "control" group, she set him up as a generic 18-year-old boy in an internet chat room:

On the same site, she registered him as a generic 18-year-old girl. The results were markedly different:

Like moths to a flame, creepers inundated the new account with sexual advances:

Literally too many for Jessica's husband to deal with:

Jessica's experiment shocked her husband:

Some of the harassers claimed to have important jobs:

Jessica's husband likely won't forget the experience for a while:

The thread inspired others to share their online experiences:

Improving our culture may start with all of us, individually:

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