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Hawk Flies Into Taxi During Hurricane Harvey, Refuses To Leave, Becomes Internet Star

As the eyes of the nation have turned to Texas to watch Hurricane Harvey unfold, one creature has taken some of the spotlight away.

A Houston man, William Bruso, claims that a hawk, apparently terrified of the hurricane's raw power, flew into his taxi and refused to leave.

While strange, Bruso wasn't upset at his new riding companion. He appeared to be more curious as to why the Hawk refused to leave, even after the weather cleared up. 

In a subsequent video update, Bruso decided to name the hawk, "Harvey the Hurricane Hawk."

Twitter immediately fell in love with Harvey and his tale of survival.

Fortunately, the tale of Sgt. Hurricane Harvey the Hawk has a happy ending. 

Bruso posted one final video showing a woman from the TWRC Wildlife Center in west Houston coming to take Harvey away in the hopes of providing better care for this winged hero.

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