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‘Looting Dog’ Photographed During Hurricane Harvey Is The Internet’s Newest Pup Of Interest

As photos of Hurricane Harvey's aftermath emerge on social media, one photo of a very clever dog has captured the spotlight.

The dog was seen strolling around the town of Sinton, Texas, with a full bag of dog food in his mouth:

People were initially concerned that the dog might be a stray, but that wasn't the case:

Apparently the dog's name is Otis, and he had gotten loose Friday night:

Otis' caretaker, 65-year-old Salvador Segovia, told the Houston Chronicle: "I kept yelling his name and yelling his name and he wasn't around," after noticing that Otis had disappeared from his screened-in porch, along with his dog food. Segovia's 5-year-old grandson is Otis' real owner, but he had evacuated due to the expected flooding.

It turns out Otis is well known in the town of 6,000. Segovia said:

Otis can go to Dairy Queen and he can get a hamburger. He's the only dog allowed to lie down in front of the county court house. He also goes to H.E.B. He's not a stray. He's a good dog.

He probably wasn't expecting the pragmatic pooch to become an internet celebrity:

Dogs can be incredibly resourceful during a natural disaster:

Sometimes shockingly so:

One Twitter user predicted Otis' future:

Who's a good boy?

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