Pro Storm Chaser’s Footage Of Hurricane Harvey Is Sufficiently Dramatic

Pro Storm Chaser’s Footage Of Hurricane Harvey Is Sufficiently Dramatic
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10 months ago

Jeff Piotrowski is an Emmy-award-winning professional storm chaser. On Friday, August 25, Piotrowski did a live broadcast from Rockport, Texas as Hurricane Harvey made landfall. The broadcast, sent out via Periscope, garnered over a million viewers - many of whom were horrified by the destruction they witnessed. 

The first part of the broadcast went on for over an hour and forty seven harrowing minutes.

Viewers were more than a little bit concerned. 

Their concern was justified. At one point, the building he was using as a shelter collapsed around him and communication cut - causing the feed to suddenly end. 

Piotrowski was safe and able to move to a new location.

The calm didn't last long, though. Soon he was broadcasting round 2 of the storm. 

As terrifying as the broadcast was, and as many people hailed Jeff Piotrowski as a hero for showing the world what hurricanes really do - there were two breakout stars that nobody expected. 

#BlueShed and T-Mobile. 

We'll start with #BlueShed. At one point in the broadcast, a small blue shed was the only thing that wasn't completely falling apart. People noticed. 

#BlueShed was so important that when the other breakout star, T-Mobile, got involved people were asking their thoughts on the little building that could. But let's talk about how they got into this storm chasing experience in the first place. 

It started with Louis throwing some shade over Piotrowski's connection repeatedly dropping through the hurricane. 

Since Louis tagged T-mobile in, they decided to go all in and clapped back. 

And that lead to all of this: 

Piotrowski's broadcast garnered views from all around the world and showed not just the power of hurricanes, but the power of humor in hard times. 

Tom summed it up almost perfectly. The actual number was up over a million.