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U.S. Border Agents Discover Huge Secret Tunnel Under Mexican Border

U.S. Border Agents Discover Huge Secret Tunnel Under Mexican Border
9 months ago

U.S. border patrol agents in San Diego were shocked early Saturday morning when dozens of undocumented immigrants suddenly appeared. 

The agents saw the group at around 1:30AM and began to approach them for questioning when a few members got scared and ran back inside what turned out to be a sizeable tunnel, complete with a ladder, that stretched all the way into Tijuana, just across the Mexican border.

30 people were arrested--23 Chinese nationals and 7 Mexican nationals.

According to officials, the tunnel started in a building in the Garita de Otay area of Tijuana, approximately 328 feet south of the border, with branches and dry brush being used to cover the opening.

While tunnels are not too uncommon along the border, with this new tunnel being the 13th passageway found along the California-Mexico border since 2006, using them to smuggle people into the country is.

In the past, tunnels have widely been used to transport illegal drugs.

While the U.S. fills tunnels with cement up to the Mexican border, Mexico can't afford to fill in tunnels and, instead, focuses on blocking entrances, making it easy for the same tunnels to be used over and over again on the Mexican side: 

With the news spreading on social media, many felt like it was just another reason that Trump's border wall seems pointless:

Conservatives had their own ideas about how to deal with the tunnel:

Still, it begs the question: