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Starbucks Just Released The Mermaid Frappuccino—But You Can’t Get It In America

For fans of mythical creatures and sugary, caffeinated beverages, your prayers have been answered.

After the wildly popular Unicorn Frappuccino hit stores a few months back, it appears Starbucks has decided to try and replicate that success.

There's only one downside: It's only available in Mexico for a limited time.

The coffee chain released an image of the new beverage on their Starbucks Mexico Twitter page, which they describe as melon-flavored, with a mysterious "magical flavor from the sea:"

It seems like a missed opportunity to rake in even more cash from U.S. customers, especially considering that the chain's logo is a freakin' mermaid.

Although maybe not everyone is as excited about it as Starbucks would hope:

People doubted Starbucks' claims:

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But for those who are devastated by the news, you could always take a road trip:

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