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This Fake ‘High School Musical 4’ Trailer Completely Fooled The Internet

A fake trailer for a fourth installment of the wildly popular High School Musical film franchise made fans' hopes soar—before DASHING THEM TO PIECES.

The convincing teaser for the non-existent Once a Wildcat purported to show the original cast ten years later.  It had a dramatic feel, which might be appealing to the more mature sensibilities of millennials who grew up with the original films.

Naturally, there was talk of marriage and babies:

Fans fell hard for the trailer:

But devastation soon replaced elation as news spread that it was a fake:

It was an emotional and somewhat embarrassing time:

Original cast member Ashley Tisdale felt bad about it:

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But hey, it could still happen, right? RIGHT?

There are reports of a High School Musical 4 in early development, but it'll focus on a new class of Wildcats.

Don't get your hopes up that it will be nearly as good as the original, though. Let's not forget Saved by the Bell: The New Class.


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