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Nick Jonas Claps Back At Guy Who Insulted His Height After Taking Photo Together

Pop star Nick Jonas was happy to pose for a picture with a fan, but he didn't appreciate being insulted afterwards.

Zak Hanzal posed with the 5' 7" singer and posted the photo on Instagram. But instead of expressing his enthusiasm, the much taller fan made fun of Jonas' height.

The 24-year-old Jonas was not cool with the dig, nor was he happy to be Hanzal's "bruhh."

Jonas commented on Hanzal's post:

You need some manners "bruh" I  didn’t need to stop to take that picture with you. Just rude. Very rude.


Loyal fans rushed to Jonas's defense:

Jonas later addressed his fans, "Hey y'all... it's all good. No need to spread hate."

Hanzal responded less eloquently: "Everyone just calm the f-k down!! It was just a joke and @nickjonas is cool with it. The caption has been changed. whats the fuss about?"

The taller-than-thou fan changed his caption to: "One of the most humble superstars...MY MAN @nickjonas." 

Okay then. Lucky Jonas was elevated from 'bruhh' to 'MY MAN" status.

Nick Jonas had the guts to speak up and the elegance to pull it off. Did I mention he had guts?

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