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Sesame Street Just Released A Parody Of Justin Bieber’s ‘Despacito’
8 months ago

By now, you've probably heard "Despacito." The hit song, by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, has been wildly popular since its release several months ago, and was well on its way to shattering records even before Justin Bieber's remix.

"Despacito" got another remix with Sesame Street's parody "El Patito," Spanish for "rubber duck."

Sesame Street fans know that Ernie's rubber duck is a vital member of the cast, and has inspired numerous songs over the years.

With Spanish-speaking Rosita helping out on guitar, it's a perfect tribute to Ernie's special amigo.

The only one not so keen on the whole thing is Bert, who grumbles, "Oh no. Not this song again!"

But even curmudgeonly Bert can't resist the catchy tune by the end.

Twitter loved the Sesame Street parody:

Whether you love or hate the original, you have to admit this version is pretty catchy: