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Bill Nye The Science Guy Just Sued The Walt Disney Company
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Bill Nye (The Science Guy) is reportedly suing the Walt Disney Company for withholding $9 million in profits from his estate.

Nye ordered an audit of Disney's profits from his popular show Bill Nye The Science Guy when he was asked to give back $496,000 of a $585,000 check based on —wait for it — an "accounting error." AN ACCOUNTING ERROR.


Here's Bill Nye's most recent video, uploaded to YouTube the day before the solar eclipse.

Bill Nye has worked closely with Disney in other ventures, such as the now-defunct ride at Walt Disney World's EPCOT park, "Ellen's Energy Adventure," in which he and co-star Ellen DeGeneres travel through time in search of energy sources.

The suit also names ABC, Buena Vista Television, and Touchstone. Disney has yet to comment.

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