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Pampers Changes Latest Ad in Response To Public Outcry And Backlash

Pampers Changes Latest Ad in Response To Public Outcry And Backlash
9 months ago

Pampers created a television advertisement that is pulling at people's heartstrings. 

The advertisement was produced by Saatchi & Saatchi and started airing earlier this year. The advertisement was shot in the Neonatal unit of the Southampton General Hospital by Chanele McGuiness.

Most viewers on Twitter and YouTube found the video to be  an emotionally draining tearjerker:

Some families that had preemies themselves commented at how emotional it was: 

Another couple, Adele and Conor Costello (picture below), who lost their premature baby, don't find the video as heartwarming.  She told The Sun, “Being forced to go back to the point in your life is indescribably distressing. We are still grieving. I shouldn’t have to worry about what’s going to come up on my TV."

The song played during the video is called "I'm Coming Home," a reality that Costello says is not always the case. “The song is the worst part for me. It’s insensitive and disregards the feelings of the many parents that will not bring their babies home."

She adds: “Pampers clearly wanted to convey a tone of positivity about premature babies getting better and being able to go home. But I’m sorry – there’s another side to it. There are a lot of babies that don’t come home."

Another user on Twitter agreed with the Costello's and wrote: 

A spokesperson for Pampers UK responded to this comments by saying, “We’re really sorry that our advert caused distress to this couple; this was never our intention. The ‘Little Fighters’ TV ad was designed to let all parents of premature babies know that these nappies are now available and aims to raise awareness of the daily struggle of these babies. The families and nurses involved in the film have been very much a part of the creative process."

The Pampers spokesperson finished by saying, “While the response to the ad has been overwhelmingly positive, we do understand that for some families it may be difficult to watch and are already in the process of making edits to the copy, including the removal of the “Coming Home” lyrics and highlighting the partnership with Bliss where families can find further support and guidance.”