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Man Arrested For Trying To Blow Up Confederate Statue
8 months ago

The debate over Confederate statues rages on after the deadly protest in Charlottesville earlier this month.

Some people are taking matters into their own hands and tearing down statues and monuments:

On Saturday, authorities caught Andrew Schneck trying to blow up a statue of war hero Dick Dowling: 

According to FBI Special Agent Patrick Hutchinson, a park ranger spotted 25-year-old Schneck crouching behind a bush with "what appeared to be duct tape and wires." Schneck then took a swig of clear liquid from a bottle, spit it out all over the ground, and poured the rest out next to him.

The liquid was "most likely nitroglycerin," according to the complaint, which is "one of the world's most powerful explosives."

The ranger also spotted a wire and timers before asking Schmeck if he intended to harm the statue. "Schneck responded that he did, and that he (Schneck) did not 'like that guy,'" the complaint states. Authorities also found white powder used as a primary explosive. 

If convicted, Scheck could face a possible $250,000 fine and up to 40 years in a federal prison.

Who is Dick Dowling and why is he a hero?

According to the Houston Chronicle, Dowling, a "25-year-old Irish immigrant and Houston barkeep, had become an instant Confederate hero when he and 42 artillerymen repelled 22 Union warships at the mouth of the Sabine River."

Twitter's conservative users were indignant when the news came out:

And while some liberals agreed with the motive:

They didn't necessarily agree with the means:

Looks like Schneck messed with the wrong state: