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University Of Texas Austin Removes Three Confederate Statues
8 months ago

President Trump tweeted his support for the "beautiful" Confederate monuments last week following the deadly rally in Charlotesville. Fortunately, it seems the country does not agree. In the dead of night this past Sunday, workers removed three Confederate statues from the University of Texas's Austin campus. 

Students awoke to find the statues gone for good:

Statues of Confederate Army Generals Robert E. Lee, Albert Sidney Johnston, and Confederate politician John Reagan all disappeared while students slept. 

Here's a video of one of them coming down:

University President Greg Fenves wrote a letter to the community explaining his decision:

The University of Texas at Austin has a duty to preserve and study history,” Mr. Fenves wrote. “But our duty also compels us to acknowledge that those parts of our history that run counter to the university’s core values, the values of our state and the enduring values of our nation do not belong on pedestals in the heart of the Forty Acres.

 Fenves believes the monuments have become symbols of white supremacy:

Two years ago, a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis was removed after Dylan Roof shot and killed nine black church-goers in South Carolina. A University of Texas spokesperson commented that the statues were removed in the middle of the night "for public safety and to minimize disruption to the community." 

The three Confederate statues will be relocated to the Briscoe Center for American History:

Though it took an American tragedy to kick-start the movement, it's good to see so many celebrations of our nation's racist past being removed. 

This won't solve all our problems, but it's a move in the right direction: