Factory Shut Down For Turning Local Dogs Blue

Factory Shut Down For Turning Local Dogs Blue
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Updated 10 months ago

Authorities shut down a factory in Mumbai after industrial waste and dyes dumped in the Kasadi River caused local animals to turn blue.

The pollutants turned the dogs blue overnight, according to one post:

And resulted in at least one of the dogs going blind:

A sobering video shows the crisis of river pollution not just in Mumbai, but all over India:

The factory has since been shut down:

"We have shut down the erring firm after it was found they were flouting norms and endangering animals in the vicinity," an officer for the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board said. Authorities are also monitoring the health of the affected animals.

Twitter users expressed sadness and outrage:

But some were happy that authorities took action to remedy the situation:

Overall, a sad situation: